For your viewing pleasure
My roommate from college has been doing a quote of the day (QOTD) over email since 1994, with pretty much remarkable consistency. The quotes are usually funny or harshly striking/badass rather than touching or sentimental, which is fine by me... maybe at some point I can get him to let me syndicate them here? Quoting daily seems like a fairly common blogging apparatus, especially outside the strictly political blogosphere - eg my sister also has something daily, but in a slightly different vein.

This week QOTD has featured vicious reviews of movies involving Freddie Prinze Jr, who as you can imagine is a pretty rich target. Most of the quotes though are coming from Rotten Tomatoes, which is looking to me more and more like the indispensible movie site. Check it out...

Star Wars trivia?
Heard recently (in my Aymara class) that Greedo, the green skinned bounty hunter from Star Wars, is actually speaking Quechua. A quick Google search comes up with more votes for backwards Quechua than Quechua proper, but it's somewhat interesting either way. Too bad they're doing the new movies with thick racist accents rather than honest to god foreign languages.


Unplanned parenthesis
Sorry for the lack of posts - the weekend was a hellish melange of painting the spare bedroom, attending a wedding of someone I hardly know, and running into "old friends" I didn't particularly want to see. Meanwhile a not-so-old friend dropped in more or less unexpectedly after cleaning up at some chess tournament in Elmhurst. So, I've been entertaining (but not for you, unfortunately). I should be back tomorrow with posts on all kinds of things, but probably something about Iraq, I really need to get back to that...

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